When it comes to increasing traffic to your website, the choosing appropriate keywords to focus on is of utmost importance. Luckily, there are various robust tools and techniques that can be implemented to identify the most promising keywords for your site. Below are a handful of the most beneficial options:

Google Keyword Planner: This is a tool provided by Google that facilitates the exploration and analysis of various keywords and phrases, in addition to their average monthly search volume, level of competition, and potential cost per click (CPC) in Google Ads. The utilization of the Google Keyword Planner can rapidly procure valuable insights into which keywords are likely to drive the most traffic to your site.

SEMrush: SEMrush is an all-inclusive SEO toolkit that features a potent keyword research tool. With SEMrush, you can analyze the websites of your competitors, discover new keywords to target, and ascertain the most lucrative keywords in your niche. Additionally, SEMrush furnishes detailed analytics and insights that can assist you in optimizing your site for enhanced search rankings.

Ahrefs: Ahrefs is another widely-used SEO tool that offers a robust keyword research feature. With Ahrefs, you can uncover the keywords that your competitors are targeting, recognize correlated keywords and phrases, and analyze the search volumes and difficulty scores for each keyword.

Google Trends: Google Trends is a free tool that enables the observation of how search volumes for different keywords have transformed over time. The employment of Google Trends can aid in the identification of which keywords are currently trending in your industry or niche, and permit the alteration of your content and SEO strategy accordingly.

Social media listening tools: Social media listening tools like Hootsuite or BuzzSumo can be utilized to determine which keywords and topics are resonating with your audience on social media. By analyzing social media trends and conversations, you can gain valuable insights into which keywords and topics to focus on in your content and SEO strategy.

All things considered, by utilizing a combination of these tools and techniques, a highly effective keyword research strategy can be developed that enables the identification of the most fitting keywords to target and generates a heightened volume of traffic to your site.